New Years’s Resolution – Get a mobile site for your business

Mobile Web Design

Resolve to make this a MOLO year for your business. What is MOLO?  Beyond being our contribution to the societal ill known as acronymitis, MOLO is a strategy to harness the power of the mobile phone to drive customers to your local business.

More people will access the Internet via mobile devices than with their home or office PCs in 2014.   This presents some great opportunities for local businesses but some challenges must also be addressed if you are to convert these on-the-go customers.

Mobile prospects are dealing with smaller screens, smaller bandwidth capabilities and, in most cases, smaller decision-making windows.  They need locally-driven content optimized for the mobile platform. But you know all this – how many times have you used your phone to search for a product or service?  

Making sure you win your share of customers in the mobile arena will take some effort and focus. Luckily for you, we at Walden Pond Design have made Mobile a priority for local businesses for the last few years. In fact, we were one of the first CT shoreline companies to develop a mobile website. We’ve developed them for local businesses like Bar Bouchee, Madison Art Cinemas, Wilcox Energy, Union League Café and Thimble Island Cruises. We’d be happy to develop one for you.

Last year, we gave a presentation at the Blackstone Library in Branford on some of the best practices in developing mobile sites. Click here to download the slide deck of our Mobile Design Presentation.

Like most technology solutions, things change fast and applications vary by business situation; if you are interested in seeing what a mobile site might look like for your specific business, click here.

Want to continue the conversation? Over the next couple of months, we will use our blog to impart our own unique take on how local businesses can best take advantage of the mobile computing wave.


So stay tuned. And stay on course to make MOLO marketing a key to your success in 2014.

Andrew Kaplan

Office: 203-779-5805