Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The best websites in the world are rendered worthless if they can’t be found.

We’ve made a science of SEO here at Walden Pond Marine and, as a result, our client’s sites consistently rank on top of key search engines results. But for the right reasons.

We make sure your site is designed and updated so it’s fully crawled by Google. Then we make sure logical and appropriate keywords drive your ranking, not spurious keywords unrelated to your business.

Having your site pop up in search results is easy; having it rank for the right reasons with the right people is the art. And we are SEO artists.

Learn more about our SEO practice in this blog post from last year, and how an easily-avoidable SEO disaster that cost a company over $10,000 a month could have easily been avoided. Call 203-779-5805 or email if you’d like to know more.