We’ve been called “advertising guys with a boating problem” but if you get us on a boat, the only real problem is getting us off.

Here at Walden Pond Marine, we are sailors, anglers, kayakers & lobstermen; salt water runs through our veins. More comfortable in deck shoes than dress shoes, we are seasoned marketing communications professionals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, especially in the digital, mobile, social and local search arena.

An offshoot of Madison, CT-based digital marketing agency Walden Pond Design, Walden Pond Marine is a communications consultancy squarely focused on helping recreational and commercial marine businesses efficiently and effectively tell the stories of their products and services.

Led by Andrew Kaplan and EJ Vongher, Walden Pond Marine can help companies like yours define the value you represent to your customers and then portray that value in a compelling and motivating fashion. We create hard-working web sites, break-through digital, mobile and print advertising campaigns as well as earned-media exposure through press releases and content marketing.

Additionally, and highly relevant given the social nature of boat people, we can help you make meaningful and lasting connections on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

capecodFinally, as one might expect from a company called Walden Pond, one of our heroes is Henry David Thoreau. In his essays chronicling days spent roaming the beaches and backwaters of Cape Cod, Thoreau noted: “They will tell you tough stories of sharks all over the Cape … I have no doubt that one shark in a dozen years is enough to keep up the reputation of a beach a hundred miles long.” We are strong believers in the power of reputation and in the business value of a brand. We strive to create for our clients a reputation as distinct and meaningful as that of a shark plying the waters along a Cape Cod beach.