Local Search

We help marine marketers cut through the flotsam and jetsam of local search clutter.

Local Search can be one of the more complicated aspects of small business marketing: managing keywords, localized content, directory listings, online reviews and tagging strategies – it’s enough to make you pine for the days of the big, yellow book. But today, Local Search is a key to small business success: 87% of people find businesses on the web before they buy.

Clearly, it’s important that you be prominently displayed in local search results, especially if you want to capture your share of local or transient mariners. We are expert at getting our client’s sites viewed – some of our tactics include:

  • Being consistent with Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) across directory listings
  • Integrating localizing keywords into the SEO strategy
  • Mobile site optimization – more than 50% of local search happens on a handheld device
  • Setting up Google+ Local

Our prowess in Local Search was recently made evident when our Guilford, CT client The Mad Gourmet , previously invisible in search results, ranks one on Google’s new Carousel. While we can’t promise a number one ranking to everyone, we will promise the skill and desire to get your business seen locally for all the right reasons.

Every small business can benefit from smarter local SEO – sometimes it’s just a matter of budget. To that end, we offer three levels of service:


Local Search Plans

  • Home page analysis
  • Basic keyword analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Monthly Reports
  • 5 directory submissions
  • Top 10 pages analysis
  • Advanced keyword analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Monthly Reports
  • 10 directory submissions
  • Setup Google+ Local
  • Create Facebook page
  • Back links analysis and suggestions
  • Setup LinkedIn Business page
  • Customized local reports
  • Competitive analysis
  • Google Pay-click campaign (client billed directly by Google for ads)


We can:

  • Optimize your main site so it ranks well for local search.
  • Create and manage your Google + Local page. This is critical now as Google is now showing local listings on the first page.
  • Add your site to various local directories, Yelp, Manta, Yahoo local and others.
  • Create and manage your Social Media. Google and other search engines add Social to their ranking algorithm

Why do I need to sign up for 12 months?

Local optimization takes time, we want all of our work to appear “natural” to Google. Each month we usually do something new to help increase your ranking. This regular improvement will increase your rankings over time. Time and continual improvement is the best and safest way to climb up to the top of Google. Many Search Engine Companies engage in various quick ranking tactics, these are expensive and once stopped ranking usually drops. At the end of 12 months you can purchase another year at a discounted rate to ensure your high rankings.

Do you guarantee I will be on the first page of Google results?

We work very hard to ensure high rankings for your company. But we cannot guarantee #1 ranking. Even Google warns companies to avoid Search Engine Companies that guarantee #1 ranking. The good news is that few local companies are fully optimized for local search. Thus the smart one that do optimize their site, usually see dramatic improvement.

My website designer said she optimized my site and it looks great. Why do I need this service?

Google is constantly their formula to determine how they rank sites. Your website is the equivalent of leasing a retail space. It creates an area where you can interact with customers and sell them goods and services. In order to speak with customers they have to visit your location. SEO helps people doing local online searches to find your business so that they have the opportunity to interact with you. Just like you would put a sign up at your store front and send out flyers, SEO announces that you are open for business by making it easy for people to find you.

Local SEO Sites uses the latest search engine optimization techniques and marketing strategies. Our experts are dedicated to marketing your business online and ensuring you get the best ranking possible. We increase your exposure though local directories, search engine quires and social media sites.

I have done SEO in the past so how is this different?

Most companies, or individuals, that say they can help with your SEO are not a Google Certified Partner. This certification means Local SEO Sites understands Google best practices and how to deliver results for clients. We are a trusted SMB marketing specialist and have many satisfied clients that are currently growing their business from the front page of a Google search.