Social Media

Convert boater’s social tendencies into profitable business connections and communications channels.

You can’t dispute the prevalence of social media: TechCrunch pegs 73% of US adults as users of social networks; Facebook has become the most visited site on the entire Internet. From what we know about boaters, they are even more social than the norm.
The challenge for businesses: how to extract value from time spent with this mass of digitally networked humanity; it needs to be more than just being social.

We’ve been active in social media since the days when “poking” was the predominant Facebook activity; we get it and will help you understand and profit from it. We provide the ideas and tools to start and shape conversation, grow networks and create lasting relationships.

We can help you:

  • Determine how many and which social networks to utilize
  • Shape and execute your profile and social page presence
  • Create a posting and content sharing strategy
  • Integrate assets for write once/publish many efficiencies

Some examples of social sites we’ve created:

Hope Water Foundation
The Whisper of God
Madison Art Cinemas

Did you miss our November 17, free Facebook Page for Business seminar at the Branford, CT Baymont Inn?  Many found it valuable, such as Torrington Sober House director Fred Carpenter: “Andrew: Good job! That coming from a 5th grade teacher”. We are planning another seminar this spring, in the meantime please visit our blog for updated information on harnessing the power of Social Media.