Facebook’s new Graph Search

I continue to be concerned about privacy issues and use of Facebook. Facebook’s new Graph Search while increasing the depth of personalization, makes me even more paranoid. Currently Facebook’s new Graph Search is in beta. However, when the new tool rolls out to more and more users,  they will be able to glean information from […]

Facebook to charge users to “promote” posts to their friends

Facebook is experimenting with a new revenue stream, paid personal posts, but the idea could backfire. “I don’t think the average user will pay to have a post promoted unless it was in some way related to business or advertising. When asking our fans if they would be willing to pay, the general response was […]

7 Tips for Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Business

Do you have social media plan? Are you looking for an easy to follow guide to formulate a plan for your business? Keep reading for seven tips to help your business develop a social plan…

Copywriting: How to improve headlines on landing pages and blog posts

Headlines are tricky little devils. Whether you’re writing them for an article or a PPC landing page, they can carry your campaign to glory or bury it forever. We gathered some theory on writing great headlines from our sister company, MarketingExperiments, and capped it off with five tips from our editors and a useful process […]

Basics to Help You Setup Your Facebook Page

Every business should have a Facebook Page. However, having a Facebook Page is not just about getting tons of fans it’s about connecting and engaging with your customers and fans. When your fans comment or share your posts this will will increase your “reach” or number of new people that see your fan page. First […]

13 great tools to help you manage Social Media

Are you looking for tools to simplify your social media activities? Many businesses feel overwhelmed when implementing their social media marketing. Sometimes the solution is to focus on the right social media tools for your business. We asked social media experts for their most valuable tool for small businesses using social media. Here are 13 […]

Does your business thumbnail picture look weird ?

You probably noticed that Facebook automatically creates a “thumbnail” image of your main profile picture, this image is displayed to the left of all your posts. It’s important that the thumbnail is recognizable and looks good. However, since the thumbnail image is a square, and most profile picture are rectangular, the “automatically” created “thumbnail at […]

First steps in planning your Facebook campaign.

Social Media in general and Facebook in particular is one of the hottest topics in Internet Marketing. The technology is brand new, yet is based on “old fashioned” concepts. First and foremost you must determine your goals. “Increasing your fans” is not a goal, it’s an important first step but you must decide how you […]