First steps in planning your Facebook campaign.

Social Media in general and Facebook in particular is one of the hottest topics in Internet Marketing. The technology is brand new, yet is based on “old fashioned” concepts. First and foremost you must determine your goals. “Increasing your fans” is not a goal, it’s an important first step but you must decide how you will engage your fans and to what end. Below are some basic topics to consider when setting up your Facebook page for your business.

1. Determine your goals, example “Facebook will be used to promote “special” discounts”

2. Decide your market, Facebook with its laser focus is very effective in this respect

3. Decide how much time you have to spend on social media, to be effective a minimum of weekly posting is required

4. Decide who will manage your Facebook page, perhaps the youngest member of your team

5. Gauge the effectiveness of your efforts, example run a special promotion on your Facebook page and track sales