New sites looks great, but traffic doesn’t !!

I have heard this story too many times and feel it’s time to share the remedy. A successful online inflatable boat company recently launched a new site. The new site looked great and they anticipated a positive bump in sales. Wow were they disappointed. Sales were off almost $10,000 thirty days after the launch of […]

Is your site built for speed ?

According to study by Akamai  40% of users will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. Slow loading websites are bad for your business.  In a store you will wait a few minutes to speak with a salesperson, but on the web you can simply close the slow loading […]

Join Your Local Chamber and Watch Your Rankings with Google Climb

Perhaps the best way to achieve top ranking with Google and other search engines is to attract a large number of relevant and authoritative links back to your site. Because Google, for example, interprets each link as a “vote”, the number of votes becomes key to evaluating (ranking) your website. When many sites provide links […]